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I saw this on Facebook, and I am so excited because I have never seen this on Tumblr! Did I get to spread something NEW??? All joking aside, this idea is great for any tiny dwelling and I bet you could make and fit them all over the place for different uses. I am sorry the link in the picture isn’t clickable, it was a screen capture. Maybe it will work here: www.instructables.com/id/Hidden-Fridge-Gap-Slide-Out-Pantry/

This is amazing!

I built one of these for my kitchen and two smaller ones, one for each side of my bathroom sink. Super easy builds and super helpful. I use them every day

Sweet! Thank you!

oh my god. if storage were in any way an issue in my kitchen (this house was built in 1951 and has more cabinets than all the apartments i’ve ever lived in combined.) i would be losing my shit right now. as it is, i’m pretty sure a LOT of you could use something like this.

Fortunately I think we’ll have sufficient cabinet space in our new house, but this is still a marvelous idea for folks for whom space is a premium (and who can do something like this or know someone who could).

Things we desperately need for the 924867590 spices taking up our counterspace holy crap.

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