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Annoying.Js: How to be an Asshole with Javascript

Kilian Valkhof hat in einer einzigen Functions.js alle Javascripts zusammengefasst, die das Benutzen von Website möglichst unangenehm machen und garantieren, dass möglichst wenige Leute auf die Seite kommen:

In January I came across a website that had a whole slew of JavaScript that attempted to prevent you from selecting text, right clicking or dragging any content onto your desktop. I decided to copy the JavaScript and create a library with examples of JavaScript techniques you can use if you want to scare your visitors away, or want to piss them off. Annoying.js is the result.

* Resize the window to fullscreen (1024×768 always)
* Disable right click so users can not copy!
* Make certain we’re not loaded into an iframe
* Disable users dragging photos or text to they can’t copy them
* Disable users selecting text to they can’t copy them
* Most users accidentally close the web page. Remind them of this.
* Disable users copying text via shortcuts

Annoying.Js: How To Be An Asshole (via Waxy)

Annoying.Js: How to be an Asshole with Javascript - Nerdcore
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