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July 10 2015

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Brauchen die Bayern überhaupt ein neues Demonstrationsrecht? ...

Brauchen die Bayern überhaupt ein neues Demonstrationsrecht? Die Frage stellt sich angesichts von Geschichten wie dieser hier:
Dann greift die Polizei ein. Sie fahren — so die Schilderung — mit mehreren Autos an. Schon in der Fahrt reißen sie eine Beifahrertür auf, treffen damit einen Demonstranten am Kopf, drücken den Mann mit dem Kopf auf den heißen Straßenboden und legen ihn Handschellen an. Er blutet im Gesicht und wird in Handschellen fotografiert. Sein Wunsch nach einem Arzt wird mit höhnischen Bemerkungen abgetan. Die Polizei ermittelt wegen Sachbeschädigung gegen den Demonstranten, weil er mit dem Kopf gegen die Tür des Polizeiautos geschlagen habe, heißt es.
Ja wie, na klar! Wenn die fiesen Kinderschänderterroristenraubmordkopierer-Demonstranten mit dem Kopf gegen Polizeiautos rennen, dann ist das Vandalismus und die gehören weggesperrt! Das ist ja wohl völlig offensichtlich!1!!
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July 09 2015



Don’t say, “I’m sorry this offended you”.
Instead say, “I’m sorry I was offensive.

Don’t say, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
Instead say, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, but intent means nothing because the damage is already done.”

Don’t say, “It was just a joke.”
Instead sat, “Some things should not be joked about.”

Don’t say, “I wouldn’t try to hurt anyone like that.”
Instead say, “I realize I hurt people with my words, and I’m sorry.

Don’t say, “I‘ll remove the joke if it bothers you so much.” (if posted online)
Instead say, “Yes, I said this, and it was wrong, and now I know not to say things like this again.

Don’t say, “Well other people weren’t bothered by it.”
Instead say, “Well some people weren’t bothered by it, but others were, and their concerns are just as valid and worthy of consideration.

Stop accepting passive apologies that do not show the offensive party actively taking responsibility for their mistakes.





Reasons abortion should be fully covered on all insurance plans:

  • If you can’t afford an abortion, you definitely can’t afford a pregnancy
  • If you can’t afford an abortion, and are forced to carry a pregnancy to term anyway, you sure as hell can’t afford a child

Who the fuck do you think you’re really protecting here?

Nobody should pay for another person’s murder plan. 

well then i guess in that case we should also stop using taxpayer dollars to fund police departments and the military industrial complex lol

Being undead is no excuse for skipping leg day

So I there’s a bridge near my house, and a couple of months ago, I was going to jump off it. When I got there, I saw some people sitting down on the bench not too far from the bridge with their backs turned to me. 


I thought this was weird, since I never see anyone around the bridge. I didn’t want anyone hearing/seeing me and try to come to my rescue, so I waited an hour. When I got back, they were still there. I moved on and forgot about jumping off. Now, a couple of months later, I went for a walk. When I reached the bridge, I saw that the people were still there. They were still the same, backs turned to me with brightly colored coats. I took out my ear buds and called out to them. They didn’t move. I got a little closer and, when I got close enough, I realized that they cardboard people. 

image image

Whoever put those there, I want to thank you for saving my life, you weird ass mother fucker.

Hey buddy,
Yo dog, I heard you like backdoors. So I backdoored your backdoor so you can get p0wned while you p0wn!
Hacking Team Scrambling To Limit Damage Brought On By Explosive Data Leak - Slashdot
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Did you get a chance to see anyone with a tattoo like this?

semicolon tattoo meaning 1

If you didn’t, maybe you just didn’t pay close attention. Because they’re popping up…

semicolon tattoo meaning 2

Literally everywhere

semicolon tattoo meaning 3

You heard us, the semicolon, this small tattoo gained popularity in recent years, but unlike other random or mysterious trends that pop up, this one has a serious meaning behind it

semicolon tattoo meaning 4

This tattoo represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention

The Semicolon project was created from a social media movement in 2013, they are described as a ” movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage love and inspire”

OK, that cool. But why a semicolon?

” A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. ”

Originally this was only one day where people were encouraged to draw a semicolon on their bodies and photograph it, but it grew from there and became much bigger and permanent. Today, people from all over the world are tattooing this mark as a reminder of their struggle, victory, and survival.

semicolon tattoo meaning 5

semicolon tattoo meaning 6

The Semicolon Tattoo Project which is an organization that was inspired by the semicolon movement is trying to reduce the stigma around mental illness. In 2012 over 43 million Americans dealt with a mental illness. It’s really not that uncommon yet because of the stigma around it many people don’t talk about it and that’s the barrier to getting help.

” The tattoo is a conversation starter ” Jenn from the project explains, ” People ask what it is and we get to tell them the purpose. I think if you see someone’s tattoo that you’re interested in, that’s fair game to start a conversation with someone you don’t know, it provides a great opportunity to talk. Tattoos are interesting, marks we put on our bodies that are important to us ”

semicolon tattoo meaning 7

Last year The Semicolon Tattoo Project held an event with several tattoo shops where people could get the semicolon tattoo for a flat fee. That money was a fundraiser for the crisis center and over 400 people did the semicolon tattoo in one day.

So next time you see this small punctuation tattoo, remember this story, and have a clue :)

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Stuff In Space

A realtime 3D map of objects in Earth orbit.

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Early demonstration of an impressive 'in-house' built DIY air-conditioner at metalab.
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