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are you even trying

the internets crazy because you can just make up something like, blatantly false and a fair amount of people will see it and believe it for the rest of their life

100 grams isn’t the same as 100 calories….

literally nowhere does it say it is??

No but okay the original post compared the amount to protein to calories.
The person trying to debunk it used a totally different measurement.

I could say that every college student at my university had to buy more than 4 books. So 1 student:<4 books. But someone who wanted to (foolishly) try to knock math out from under me would say  something along the lines of “The total of books bought at your university is more than 20,000, so actually 1 university:<20,000 books.” 

Like, yes, good point but that did nothing to debunk me or prove me wrong. 

There are still more grams of protein per calorie in broccoli than in cow.

What was even the point of trying to prove a FACT wrong? Why even pull different statistics out nowhere????? The heck???????

I see what you’re saying.

But brocoli is 34 calories per 100 gram.
Whereas beef is 250 calories per 100 gram.

So in Order to get that 11.1 grams of protein from brocoli you’d need 100 calories of it.
To get a 100 calories of brocoli you’d need to eat approximately 300 grams of brocoli.

Whereas to get 11.1 grams of protein from beef you’d need just under 200 calories of beef, which is about 50 grams.

The point is the phrasing of the fact is intentionally misleading.
It suggests brocoli is more protein efficient when the reverse is true.

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